Walt McNee

Walt McNee is a photographer from London, UK. Shooting for the past 5 years exclusively on film, his work is predominantly an exploration of urban environments, with a focus on colour; bridging the gap between realism and the stylised. This combination often gives a slightly dream-like quality to his work, reminding us that photography is often a documentation of reality manipulated through a lens, and therefore can never really be a true documentation.

Walt has shot editorial for magazines both domestically and internationally and has recently exhibited in Rome. His project, RADIUS is a documentation of his local area; moments captured over 2 years, within 2 miles of where he lives.


The images in Radius have been taken over two years, two-mile radius from my front door.

The purpose of the project was to explore the minutiae or ‘markers’ existing in well-travelled routes around where I live and how the familiarity of these things can contribute to a sense of a place being home; the empty bike lock round the lamppost that never moves, the crack in the door of that building that’s never been repaired… These are all familiarities unique to one’s own movements and contribute to a particularly personal view of a place. And yet amongst these points there are also temporary markers – construction sites, renovations – reminders that although these markers are there seemingly every day, they are always in a potential state of flux, especially in an area of South East London that has been undergoing such a drastic change.

To view more of Walt’s work please visit his website.