Emma Schutte

Emma Schutte grew up in rural Ohio and as a teenager spent summers packing parachutes and driving around the countryside. She came to Georgia for the specific reason of escaping her hometown and what it could turn her into, but, the fascination and childhood memories of that lifestyle never left. The quirks and wit of Schutte’s rural upbringing permeates her sense of humor and finds its way into her photographic work; she loves looking at how other people live and how they express themselves in how the curation of their living space, particularly what can be seen from the road. There is a certain level of reverence that Schutte employs when capturing the living spaces of others- longing to bring honesty and reverence, never judgement or comment, to the most private and personal of space; the home, the front yard.

Emma is a senior at the Savannah College of Art and Design, graduating Summer of 2018.

No Trespassing

This body of works explores how we curate our living spaces and how we describe ourselves subconsciously in decoration. Shot in rural North- Eastern Georgia, these are images of people’s private property, from the road, generally from within a car. The idea of capturing the quirks of how people live is not intended pass judgement, only to contemplate and appreciate.

To view more of Emma Schutte’s work please visit her website.