Philipp Gallon

Philipp Gallon is a German Photographic Artist. He received an MFA in Photography and Visual Communication from the Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen, Germany and holds a postgraduate degree in History of Photography and Media Theory from the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm, Sweden. His photographic practice investigates the relationship between visual representation and ways of seeing and remembering. Gallon’s projects are diverse yet they gravitate toward the recurring themes personal geographies, queer identity and how we relate to each other. His work has been shown in solo and group shows across Europe. His first photo book was published at Kehrer Verlag, Germany. He was a selected artist at the 2017 Malmö Photo Biennale and is part of an artist collective that works toward making artistic practices by artists with refugee status visible through collaborations, artist talks, and exhibitions. He currently lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden. 

An Anthology of Common Conversation

An Anthology of Common Conversation is a series of photographs about recent social and political changes in the USA as seen from a European perspective. The long-term project depicts America, its people, and their surroundings, and creates a visual archive with a focus on subjective experience and individual encounters rather than on documentation. The project started in 2015, since then it has taken me to 31 states. It will continue until 2020 with at least one month-long visit to the USA per year and result in a total of 6 publications. When I’m taking pictures for the project I literally try to get lost. I go on road trips through rural parts of the country, equipped with just an analog map and see where I end up, and what or who I find there.

To view more of Philipp’s work please visit his website.