Fabian Albertini

Fabian Albertini is an Italian artist based in Milan and Rio de Janeiro, working with the photographic medium since 1992. The research of the artist is guided in the creation of a body of images between photography and installations, experimenting new materials in order to explore new visual renderings and expand the concept of perceptions. Fabian’s landscapes allows her to represent the world photographically without showing a specific place, focusing instead on a mental experience, giving photographic images new forms and new contexts, inviting the viewer to question and to wonder. Fabian has exhibited internationally at: Laguna Art Prize (Arsenale, Venice, Italy -2018); Fake – Truth, Rotterdam Photo Festival (Rotterdam, The Netherlands – 2018); Winter Exhibition, LensCulture (2017); Get Lost, TAL Projects (Cascais, Portugal – 2017); Projections Discovery Awards, Encontros da Imagem Festival (Braga, Portugal – 2017); No Photo Paratissima (Torino, Italy – 2017); Bianco Deserto, Fotografia Europea Circuito OFF (Reggio Emilia, Italy – 2017); 54° Venice Biennial Arsenale (Venice, Italy – 2011); Ama+zônia – Corpos da Natureza, Centro Cultural da Justiça Federal (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – 2011); Performance Video, MAC – Museum of contemporary art (Niteroi, Brazil – 2005); Residence Arts Biennial (London, UK – 2004). Finalist: Laguna Art Prize, ( Venice , Italy-2018) and shortlisted: Encontro da Imagem, (Braga, Portugal -2017); Athens Photo Festival (Athena, Greece -2017).

Seguindo uma Linha (following a line)

“Seguindo uma Linha (following a line)” explores the transition between conscious and unconscious. Disorientation and uncertainties permeates our time and are the same ones that the photographs intend to trigger in the viewer This series proposal is engaging, focusing on reflection, moving more than the simple observation of works, questioning normal perception, creating issues on our way of thinking. The images take on a new perspective combined with digital elements and representing an aperture, a transition to a parallel universe, leading the viewer on a spiritual and introspective journey…
There is no direct connection, but there is certainly a connection with the unconscious, the mind does not perceive in the same way that it perceives the eye.

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