Sanwal Deen

Sanwal Deen is a Sony award-winning photographer from Islamabad, Pakistan, and is currently based in Seattle, WA. His work fluctuates between the intimate and the distant, blurring the line between the individual and the whole. He has exhibited work in group shows in London as well as in Columbus, Ohio, where he completed his MFA from the Columbus College of Art and Design in 2017.


We spend more than half our lives living in buildings. In “Monuments,” I seek to explore our relationship to the constructed spaces where the stories of our lives play out. Each image is composited from hundreds of photographs taken with a long lens and stitched together to a create a single, highly detailed visual that enables one to experience the building in an entirely new way. Each image also reveals a story—that story could be of people climbing colossal heights to clean windows, of the faded facade of a prestigious shopping mall, of the experience of visiting the federal courthouse as an immigrant, of doctors telling patients how their lives will play out…”Monuments” seeks to reveal the stage where our lives play out.

To view more of Sanwal Deen’s work please visit his website.