Cody Perkins

Cody Perkins is twenty-two-year-old photographer based out of Northern Kentucky. He is Graduating with a B.F.A. in photography from the Art Academy of Cincinnati in the spring of 2018. While growing up within the working class, photography provided him the perfect way in which to analyze his surroundings. He began documenting the artifacts of daily life to help him make sense of the world around him. He uses photography as a means to pick up on the subtleties of the everyday that go on to speak about what is currently happening.

Lost in Space

Within this current project Perkins’ focuses of spaces and objects found within lower income communities in Northern Kentucky. Thinking about the suppression of the working class and the slower ways of life, he aims to present work that provides an emotional and atmospheric look into environments that construct the daily lives of those around him. In a way this body stands as a documentation of what was and what is, and of his self navigation of the communities in which he grew up.

To view more of Cody Perkins’s work please visit his website.