Jordan Sirek

After moving from Milwaukee, WI in 2016 to pursue a career in film production, Jordan found a love for photography and storytelling. A producer by day, and a photographer by love and hobby, he likes to express the way that he sees the world. While the photos he captures are just an image that someone else may see, he is constantly looking for a deeper story and meaning within every photograph. People are so rich, and full of so many interesting stories, ideas and life. He likes to capture all of those things in each person that he has the opportunity to shoot. He hope that some day, his photography can be used to share stories of people and crises that need attention – He wants to offer solutions to people and groups in need.

Murky Collisions in a Technicolor Tidepool

“Kandy, Sri Lanka: The city is so colorful. Houses and buildings project a multitude of beautiful neon colors. It is home to Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, and Roman Catholics. It’s a place of content. People are happy, and only work to get by. There is no greed, and very little money. But, people find ways to make it all work. A way we can all aspire to live.

All the colors seemingly created this beautiful rainbow of existence. People stay young, enjoy their lives and just seem happy to be. They don’t worry about things that don’t matter. However, upon spending more time with people, I couldn’t help but notice these small, odd divisions. Whether it was rich and poor, different religions, language or even physical color, there was a small, unclear nonconformity present.

I spent time in villages, and in the streets of the city and there is this beautiful coexistence of color happening in this tide pool of differences. At the same time, everyone there is human, and I hope they choose to embrace the beauty in everything that calls Kandy home, instead of further exploring these murky disparities.”

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