Social media has not only changed our personal lives but our culture and art. Photography in the age of social media is both more powerful than ever, but also in an identity crisis that challenges and pushes us forward. In the race for likes, shares, and comments, photographers are taking to social media to discover it’s endless possibilities and yes, also heartbreaks.
In a sea of bright faced people, gazing in to their screens and palms, this post documents how our phones and sharing our photos online have changed the way we interact with nature, social events and peers.
With overwhelming amount of images submitted of this body gesture and light up faces, this post is a clear definition of what social media is in today’s world of technology, photography and culture.
Tell us the truth…are you looking at this post on your phone? It’s ok, us too.

William Rugen

Greg Holland

Dominic Palarchio

Ludovic Broquereau

Andre Woodard

Sayre Harvell

Aaron Kreiswirth

Ben Burgess

Juno Doran

Jonathan David Smyth

Giovanni Savino

Maxwell Harvey-Sampson

Mehves Lelic

Mark Lanning

Alina Trifan

Ryan Steed

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