Victoria Hogan

Victoria Hogan obtained her MFA from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in 2011 as a Southern transplant. Having spent 26 years of her life in the Southern states, this move was quite a large jump for her. Desert living & the landscapes near the city were completely new territory for Hogan as she began to unpack her surroundings. Her work is not media specific, but as of recently, photography has been her strongest voice. While taking an accidental 10-year hiatus from art-making to pursue a small business, Hogan found herself subconsciously taking photographs that were unrelated to her profession. Las Vegas has become her home & place of residence & is the headquarters for her traveling elopement business, Flora Pop. In hindsight, obtaining an MFA really gave her the tools to think outside the norms of business & create a niche that has allowed her to flourish in other aspects of her life. Time is the most important thing you can have & she believes her business has allowed her art to flourish.

Your Guess Is As Good As Mine.

Victoria Hogan unknowingly began this body of work in 2017. While exploring new landscapes, both interior & exterior, Hogan challenges memory in the form of moments in time. The importance of place is blurred & the themes of aloneness are prevalent. There is, however, an acute awareness of intimacy that can also be felt within her atmospheric perspective. All of her images allow her to grasp her surroundings a tiny bit better & also give her the opportunity to check-in with herself emotionally. All of these images feel like self-portraits in Hogan’s eyes.

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