What We’ve Read! – August Edition

Another month another post full of photo books – what could be better?!
As we continue to showcase more and more books in these monthly posts, we uncover new ways of creating photography publications – from hand made and crafted one of a kind objects to unique use of typography to more classic approaches. These books are here to get your creative juices flowing and expose you to new work that you might want to add to your own personal library.

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Julia Borissova, Let Me Fall Again, 2018
Let Me Fall Again is my reflection on the concept of falling through the story of one of the first balloonist Charles Leroux, who was born in America and died at the age 32 while performing a parachute jump in Tallinn. My intention was to create an imaginary journey in the footsteps of his performances.
In my book there are several additional inserts. I used the same principles as the origami art. Through origami the paper undergoes a continuing metamorphosis, one fold at a time. And it’s a great challenge to bring one piece of paper into a new shape. Also for packing a parachute, precision is key to avoid a parachute jump in which the parachute fails to open.
The edition is of 239 copies as Leroux made 239 jumps.

Price: $120
Publisher: Self Published
Artist Website: juliaborissova.ru
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Roslyn Julia, Pteridium, 2017
Pteridium is the tangled story of life by the lake. Afternoon light, the ripple of the water, getting lost in the surrounding woods, chancing upon friends who’ve come to visit. These connected slivers capture a place and time that’s both fleeting yet familiar.

Price: $6.38
Publisher: Brown Owl Press
Artist Website: www.roslynjulia.com
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Andrea Koesters, Machete Ranch, 2018
Machete Ranch is a series of images created exclusively in the state of Texas during a trip made in March of 2018. Seen within, documentation of the Houston rodeo, Big Bend National park, the rural towns of West Texas and everything in between while driving roughly 2200 miles through the state. This piece explores the connection between expansive spaces and the religious undertones that could be found seemingly everywhere throughout the region.

Price: $15
Publisher: Material Print Shop
Artist Website: www.andreakoesters.com
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Joseph Podlesnik, Acts of Looking, 2018
A collection of black and white photographs taken in Phoenix, AZ and Milwaukee, during the years 2013 to 2017. Edited by Yoav Friedländer & Dana Sterling. Introduction by Nathan Lewis. Acts of Looking is a pictorial journal, focusing on picture surface, near and far, reflections and their source; the collusion of unlikely elements. In many of the images – three worlds coalesce: an interior space, a picture-taker and a backdrop, all reflected and captured in-camera in one image, without the contrivance of compositing in post. For him, the challenge is to notice when these three visual worlds come together to form surprising pictorial patterns.

For Podlesnik, the camera lens depicts depth and perspective too easily, which is why he frustrates this through reflection and pictorial flattening, bringing the viewer’s eye stubbornly back to the surface of the image, so the mind is not allowed to linger in readable/ navigable space too long. Surface is openly celebrated. Overall, his work is guided by the idea that photographs are not only windows through which to see and document familiar images of the world, but that photographs can stunt/block, comment on or reenact the seeing process itself. Some of the images are of an occluded self: a seer who is only partly visible, who sees without seeing himself in the lens. Ideas of seeing and hiding organize and motivate these pictorial experiments. They are part self-portrait, part interior and part landscape. Any social element in the work, if there is such, is secondary to formal and pictorial concerns.

Price: $55.49
Publisher: Self Published
Artist Website: www.josephpodlesnik.com
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Beau Eaton, EXIT #1 – First Impression, 2018
EXIT is a first-person exploration of LA’s surf and skate scene, visually documented through photography and design, distributed as a zine. The first issue of EXIT was created May – June 2018 and explores the skate scene at the Venice Skatepark in Los Angeles. 100 copies were produced and are being sold at local skate shops, bookstores, coffee shops and online. 100% of the profits from EXIT are donated to local surf/skate nonprofits. The profits from the first issue will go to Stoked.

Price: $5
Publisher: Self Published
Artist Website: www.beaueaton.com
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Do you have a book/zine/publication that you would love to share with us? Follow our guidelines here to submit!

Have Questions? Feel free to contact me at dana@aint-bad.com