Marjolaine Gallet

Marjolaine Gallet is a French visual artist and photographer currently working and living in Brooklyn, NY. Graduated from the International Center of Photography in New York in 2013, she also holds a Master in Political Science from ENS/Sciences Po Lyon. She is a founding member of 643 Collective, a group of 6 visual artists with no geographic center as its members have been based in many different cities ever since its creation (Bucharest, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Sao Paulo and Seoul). Marjolaine divides her time between commissioned work and her personal practice.


I feel bad about inanimate objects all the time

“I feel bad about inanimate objects all the time” is a series of photographs made in Thailand over the course of 3 months in early 2018. The title is inspired by messages found in online forums where people were having conversations about infusing things with feelings.

From children developing attachments towards inanimate objects to the worship of idols, various cultures from around the world have long constructed social relationships with non human entities.

For this project I was interested in exploring a place where the animistic worldview (meaning objects and other nonhuman entities, such as plants, animals, rocks and natural phenomena, possess a soul and can influence human event) guides many of the daily activities, blurring the boundaries between self and world.

“I feel bad about inanimate objects all the time” proposes a visual translation of our direct experiences with “things” and their narrative trigger power by bringing together results of happenstance and staged photographs.

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