What We’ve Found – “Where Should We Meet?”

Hello! Hi! Can you hear us? It’s a new month! September has arrived, Labor Day is past, and it’s time to get to work! As always, it’s time for our monthly staff curated online show for – What We’ve Found. We’re ready to see some good work! Send us one photo, or send us ten. Share this post once, or share it twice.

So, what’s the next theme? “Where Should We Meet?”

Margaret Murphy ‘Jungle Gym,’ 2017

This month’s theme is a response to a question we extend to you, namely, “Where should we meet?” Whether it’s real or imagined, virtual or fabricated, we want you to send us a place that leads us all down a path of confrontation, sorrow, surprise, or delight. Be it a street corner in Tulsa, Oklahoma, or a Blockbuster in Alaska, we want you to show us a scene that could inspire us to meet a stranger, friend, lover, or backstabber. This is not just a “landscape,” it’s a place that decides what happens next…where do we go from here?

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