Julia C. Martin

Julia C. Martin’s work deals with the themes of death, mortality, and femininity. She primarily shoots with the medium format camera and oftentimes prints using alternative processes. Julia is from Golden, Colorado and received her Bachelor of Arts in Photography from Montana State University. She has since worked at photographic institutions such as the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops and Aperture. Julia is currently pursuing her MFA at Arizona State University.

Vireo Bellii

Papilio Memnon


In Death

In the fragility of death there is beauty. Confronting the manifestation of death within imagery can bring many discomfort, as it causes them to consider their own mortality. By photographing dead animals in an intimate manner, this body of work reveals the beauty these lifeless bodies posses to show another side to the picture of death.


Musca Domestica

Cervidae Vertebrae

Anax Junius

Pieris Rapae


Mus Musculus


Cethosia Hypsea

Corvus Brachyrhynchos

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