Max Miechowski

Max is a documentary photographer whose work, which is centred around portraiture, explores themes of community and urban culture. Originally from Lincoln, he now lives in London where the majority of his photographic work is made. He works predominantly on a medium format film camera, and uses natural light to capture simple yet intimate portraits of his subjects.


Unfolding, Slowly.

I first moved to London in 2017. Having grown up in a small city in the East Midlands, the pace and scale of my new home came as a shock to me. In a hope to understand it, I began walking the city on foot and photographing the people and places that resonated with me. This process became a way for me to meet other people within the community, to learn about their relationship with the city and what bought them here. This project is an ongoing story of London; my impression of the shared, collective experience of what it is to live in this dynamic city. There is an air of excitement and uncertainty here, and as London clutches for it’s own identity this project documents my own experience of attempting to find my place within it.

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