Maggie Callahan

Maggie Callahan is a photo-based artist out of Atlanta, Georgia. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in photography from Georgia State University in 2015. She’s shown extensively in Atlanta galleries including, MOCA GA, Mason Murer, MINT, Atlanta Photography Gallery, and The Mammal Gallery.  She has held studio assistant positions for local photographers, has experience in commercial photography and is currently the Registrar at Jackson Fine Art in Atlanta, GA.

Ripe With Circumstance 

In lieu of almost exclusively figurative subjects found within her former series, Callahan has replaced them with the imperfect and forever ‘ruined’ fruits and vegetables and the residue that is left behind. The sequence of the removal in each diptych explores the physicality of a photograph and its ability to capture what no longer exists. Absorbed by the way in which photographs are commonly manufactured, she seeks to question the standards. Not unlike individuals, the fruit after interruption and exposure is immediately decaying or changing irrefutably. Rather than displaying a traditional still life, constructed of seemingly untouched arrangements, she’s interested in the presentation of manipulated material and the residual effects of the fabricated display. The imprint left by the organic elements serve as evidence of theoretical acts or experiences. The things we are unable to get rid of – the stain of a situation.

To view more of Maggie Callahan’s work please visit her website.