Roger Richardson

Roger Richardson (b. The Bronx, New York, 1993) is a photographer living and working in the Hudson Valley, New York. He received his BFA in Photography from SUNY Purchase College in 2016 and has been exhibited globally. His work lies within a documentary style, focusing on issues of race, community, faith and the everyday.

Let Me Sow Love

Let Me Sow Love is a direct result of the growing sociopolitical and racial divide in the United States. As a firm believer in social and political progress, I feel as though we’ve lost our footing on the path towards change and growth. As an artist of color, I feel an unbearable need to document this growing divide. A culture of anxiety and fear has spread rampantly over the place I call home. Rather than actively searching for evidence of the divide, I chose to take a more meditative approach when making photos of the world around me. Realizing photography can be used as a tool for personal healing, self-reflection, and mindfulness. In some ways, these photos are a culmination of different things I am trying to keep hold of in turbulent times. In other ways, the work functions as a way for me to stay connected to a world that I’ve grown extremely wary towards.

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