Kevin Bond

Kevin Bond is an artist currently based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Primarily working with photography, his photographic sense was developed while a student at University of the Arts in Philadelphia. His work employs multiple techniques and methods, fusing traditional, historical, and alternative processes with contemporary practices. Kevin strives to explore the limits of photography on a daily basis, and enjoys pushing himself past his own creative boundaries. For two years he lived at Peters Valley School of Craft where he was the Artist Fellow in the Photography Department. While he was making a large variety of new work at Peters Valley, he was also exploring the concept of sharing his passion of photography through the art of teaching. In 2017 he moved to New Mexico where he now works at Photo-Eye Bookstore and Bostick & Sullivan.


I was inspired to make this work while living at Peters Valley School of Craft, as my colleagues were artist of all ages utilizing a large range of craft mediums. I suddenly wanted to make photography an object: something that was more of a three dimensional representation of my imagery. Around the same time I was given a large collection of semi broken, forgotten about, and dilapidated photographic objects. I decided to repurpose these objects and use photographs from the past 4 years and 20,000 miles of road tripping. Images of the American Landscape at locations that have been photographed for the past one hundred years. Cameras ranging from 8×10, 4×5, Medium Format, 35mm, Dslr, and IPhone. I made this work to reminisce about my own life and its similarities with specific times in the history of photography.

To view more of Kevin Bond’s work please visit his website.