Robin Bernstein

Born in Cape Town, South Africa, Robin Bernstein is a photographer, documentarian, and surfer. At the age of 23, Robin completed a BA degree majoring in Photography at the Stellenbosch Academy of Design and Photography in 2013, followed by a postgraduate degree in Art Historical Studies at the University of Cape Town. In 2014, he and a group fellow entrepreneurs started Cape Collective Assist (CCA), a crew collective which services the international production industry in Southern Africa and aims to aid career development of local young creatives ( Robin currently lives in Cape Town and works as a professional lighting assistant and digital operator to fund personal art/documentary projects. A traditional photography enthusiast, Robin works exclusively with film on all personal work and has a particular interest in urban socioeconomic issues and globalization.


This is a selection of images from an ongoing series exploring the space between boyhood and young adulthood in various contexts around South Africa. The intersection between youth and manhood expressed among a diverse range of people has always been a topic my photography naturally gravitates towards. This is a broad project which I intend to continue pursuing and interrogating as I grow and change in my own identity and in my art. The images presented here were taken over the past few years, in locations all over South Africa.

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