Tony Docekal

Dutch/Czech photographer Tony Dočekal (Amsterdam, 1992) studied analog photography at AKI ArtEZ University of the Arts. Her work explores the overlap between reality and storytelling, by pointing out that a photograph can be both documentation and falsification. By using framing and suggestiveness she presents a slightly critical view of everyday life. Mundane scenes become mysterious and ominous when approached from another angle. A returning theme in Docekal’s work is the loneliness and absurdity of the human condition, and it’s effect on our planet. She aims to make people think about, and re-appreciate what they have. Currently based in the Netherlands, Docekal’s work has been featured, published and awarded in various international exhibitions and competitions.

Brace for Impact

We know we are quickly messing up our planet, we just choose to ignore it and hope it goes away. This series, called “Brace for Impact”, is a visual narrative about the end of the world. It tells a fictional, post-apocalyptic story of how our beloved planet might end up if we continue to live the way we do.
By using framing and sequencing, I create cinematic scenes that touch on relevant topics of our time, in a subtle manner. They could be described as skeptical, slightly dark and ominous.
The high-pressure modern life makes us unsatisfied with what we have, and long for another time, another fictional world. This disconnection with our surroundings makes us give in to distractions more easily and lose sight of what really matters. I feel that this is the time to hold up a mirror to ourselves and wake up. We are all in this together. If we continue to turn a blind eye, there may not be a planet left to look at.

To view more of Tony Docekal’s work please visit her website.