Michael Mahne Lamb

Michael Mahne Lamb is a New Zealand born artist currently based in Wellington. He holds a Bachelor of Design (Honours) from Massey University. His recent photographic work is informed by, and explores, the psychology of visual thinking. In particular, how images can stimulate the mind through the activation of amodal perception. His first book ‘Complements’ was published by Bad News Books in 2018.


Inspired by the work of perceptual psychologist Rudolf Arnheim, ‘Complements’ is an exploration of visual thinking. Recall the experience of watching a train pass through a short tunnel—familiar and visually interrupted, yet psychologically completed. Translating this perceptual effect into a still image, the interpretative possibilities open a library of visual concepts from past individual experiences; the back of an anonymous head calls for an old friend’s face; just as sealed train doors call for a routine destination.

To view more of Michael Mahne Lamb’s work please visit his website.