Robert Wagoner

Robert Wagoner is originally from Buffalo, New York, now living and working in New York City. He received his BFA in Photography from the State University at Purchase. Robert began his career in New York working on commercial and editorial sets. Utilizing the bustling streets of the city as a backdrop, Robert’s portraits and found still lifes offer an intimate view of the spaces he calls home. While our world of images moves faster than ever, Robert’s affection for book making and physicality of photography provides a more personal view of his work. Often producing small runs of pictures via self-publishing, sharing in the excitement and passion for the photographic object propels his drive for making work.


“Vines in Snow”

“Mornings in Astoria”

Box of Rain

The body of work, Box of Rain, focuses on the notion of home — how the comfort and sensation of this concept is malleable — and how it can impress itself not just in physical spaces but in people. The title, and this work, draws inspiration from the lyrical mysticism of The Grateful Dead. The romanticism of holding onto the perpetually mobile — such as rain — fell into place with the direction of the series. The nature of my photographic work derives from a self-obligation of attempting to decipher the world around me, with trust between myself and the materials presented. Often times, the specificity of “where” falls away to the intimacy and aura of the “what” or “who” pictured. Box of Rain explores what “home” can represent — it’s definitions, people, places, and auras.

“Low Tide”

“Mornings in Astoria Feet”

“Dried Flowers in North Carolina”

“Dad beside Brunswick River”

“Evening light on branches”

“White Couch Still-life”

“White Couch Drinks”

“Sherah on White Couch”

“Crab Apple blossoms on Broadway”

“Desmond on Broadway”

“Carol on Steinway St”

“Iced Teas on Steinway”

“Mom on Kure Beach”

“Prints on 38th St”

“Portrait on 38th St”

“Dining Room Table Still-life”

“Connor in Naugatuck”

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