Santiago Serrano

Santiago Serrano (b. 1978) is an Ecuadorian photographer based in Quito, Ecuador. His work focuses on documentary issues and personal stories, and is influenced by Robert Frank’s snapshot aesthetic. Serrano has studied photojournalism in Ecuador, Argentina, Mexico and Brazil. He presently works as a freelance documentary photographer.

Loneliness Journey

In a few Latin American countries bullfights and bull festivals still exist, despite the many civil movements fighting for its abolition. While this century-old tradition was successfully banned in Catalonia, Spain in 2012, bullfighting persists in other areas throughout certain seasons. Citizens within these various localized areas continue to actively seek the prohibition of this sport.

In Mexico, this bullfighting is still alive and supports a substantial number of fans who push to prolong the celebration. In Ecuador, after the public referendum held in 2011, the prohibition of the bull’s death was established in some cities and towns. And in the city of Quito, it is forbidden to kill the bull in the ring; a decision that satisfies neither bullfighting fans nor anti-bullfighting fans. This photographic series documents the cultural traditions of the bull fighting celebration while capturing the toll such a profession expends on its matadors.

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