Justin Guthrie

Justin Guthrie was born in 1993, in The Southwest of the stolen land. Son of a Scottish cowboy father and a ceremonial Navajo/Latina mother. An art school dropout, Justin burnt his candle of youth at both ends, moving city to city, following in his father’s footsteps of living hard, documenting each moment and emotion along the way. At 24, Justin moved to Los Angeles where he began to shed his youthful skin and eventually follow in his mother’s footsteps this time, joining the Red Road as she once did, a spiritual journey that an “American Indian” must take to walk the path of beauty, health and truth as our ancestors once did. Justin’s work has been published in many books, magazines, and websites and has been in numerous gallery shows, he’s working to expand his sculptural work.

Untitled Works

These photos are an accumulation of photos that all intertwine together under the umbrella of a certain way of belief, more visual poetry than anything else. From a young age I was taught the Navajo (Diné) and Lakota way from my different relations, most importantly my grandfather. These teachings impacted my world view deeply and through photography I try to implement this way of thinking, contrasted visually to the urban modern culture I physically live in. My camera is my meditative sacrament for fixating on the beauty and deeper meanings that this world still has to offer. As our ancestors gained knowledge from studying the inner workings of nature we can gain knowledge from our modern societies, a bee pollinating a wild flower can be just as inspiring as a hummingbird pollinating a plastic flower on in a trash bin, only in much different ways.

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