Audra Osborne

\Audra Osborne is a photographer and crafter living in Portland, Oregon. She graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2011 with a BFA in photography and has been living in and loving Portland ever since. Her work has be published and exhibited nationally. Her work stems from the often debilitating emotions she (and many people) feel on a daily basis. These ideas typically center around anxiety, depression, and loss. Her photographs act as a visual diary and study of these emotions, as well as a remedy. By creating these images she has created a space for herself and others to discuss these “taboo” topics on an open platform. This self-enforced openness has allowed her to become more in control of her anxiety, beyond systems and treatments. Audra owns a small photobooth company called Party Cat! and is also the Program Manager for the photography nonprofit, Photolucida.


Controlled Burn

Living with anxiety can be overwhelming. It is isolating, exhausting and worst of all; it’s unpredictable. There are days when I don’t even notice the subtleties of my anxious brain, and then out of nowhere, my lips are tingling, my heart is pounding, and I have to remind myself to breathe. These seemingly arbitrary panic attacks have disrupted my life too many times to keep count. Now in my 30th year, I have stopped holding them back.

Controlled Burn documents the discovery and exploration of letting my anxiety run its course. When my heart starts beating faster, I don’t try to calm down or relax– I own it. I let that shit burn and start fresh from the ashes.

These images were shot during various stages of panic. It’s controlled, it’s chaotic, it’s quiet, it’s unapologetic. My hope is that people with or without a mental health disorder will find them relatable. My struggle is not uncommon, and I find comfort in knowing I am not alone.

To view more of Audra Osborne’s work please visit her website.