Cydney Holm

Cydney Cosette is an American/Australian photographer. She left Australia upon receiving a Bachelor of Photography from Griffith University – Queensland College of Art in Brisbane in 2012. She has since lived in California, London, and now resides in Austin, Texas. Cydney works on a variety of projects spanning commercial, editorial and fine art – all with a distinct style heavily influenced by surrealist art, still life paintings and retro-futurism.

La Trop

“La Trop” is a French phrase that translates to “too much”, and refers to the influx of sensory information we absorb each day as an individual and as a culture. How do we decide on the things which have meaning for us? “La Trop” is exploration of forms – of the meaninglessness and meaning-fullness of objects of desire. The food, spaces, things and comforts we create for ourselves. With compositions reminiscent of renaissance still life paintings, this series both celebrates and questions the commodities of culture.

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