Christian Michael Filardo

Christian Michael Filardo is a Filipino American photographer living and working in Richmond, Virginia. Filardo uses their camera to record everyday nuances, later grouping images to create narratives from the mundane, intimate, and quiet. Filardo writes critically for Photo-Eye and PHROOM and is a co-founder of the Santa Fe art space Etiquette and the Richmond based art space Cherry. They have exhibited domestically and internationally. Filardo recently published a book with LA based Mallard Press and Dianne Weinthal.


These photographs and words act as the mirror to my meandering. They exist
because they were willed into being either crawling up from hell or falling like snow
from the heavens. Living as the pillow talk and the last goodbye simultaneously,
“Gerontion” is a work that needs no crescendo. It’s loud and quiet all at once ad
infinitum. This is an account of my gaze and my dreaming, an attempt at hoisting the
fragile visions in my mind into reality, the reflections of an individual attempting to
genuinely document their life on the road of obscurity.

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