Andrés Solla

Born in Gijón (Spain) in 1986, is a documentary photographer based in Barcelona. He studied a postgraduate degree in Photojournalism at Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona (UAB). He started developing his projects in migrational issues, the concept of border and the sense of belonging and identity. He is also a co-founder of the photography collective Juan Nadie.

He has been collaborated with several media as The Guardian, ITV News, OLD Magazine and Format Magazine and has been awarded by BIPA (Barcelona International Photography Awards) and exhibited at Valid Photo Gallery and Art Photo Bcn.

What Remains

The village was enclosed by a tradition that surmounted all others. People were born and passed away in the same house. In the same place, like the cows, like the snow-covered chestnut trees or the setting sun in the mountains. When the mine followed these same steps, those that stayed lost their livelihood. Some remained, surrounded by all that no longer was. How do you continue to live in a place that has already passed away?

The photographs that make up this project show how what no longer exists is a key part of the relationship between this land and its people. The traces of the past remain in this deserted place and appear as an underlaying aura that surrounds the present time as it extinguishes before our eyes.

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