Tatum Shaw

Tatum Shaw is a photographer born and raised in Cartersville, Ga. He moved to Portland in 2004 to work as a copywriter at the advertising agency Wieden + Kennedy. He is now freelance splits his time between Portland, Oregon, and Atlanta, Georgia. His photography has appeared in Apartamento Magazine, Oxford American, Bloomberg Businessweek, Nylon Guys, American Chordata, and Atlanta Magazine.


According to the future laid out in George Orwell’s 1984, the English language will be decimated and reduced to only a small list of government-approved words known as Newspeak. Nothing is beautiful. Nothing is marvelous. Nothing is fantastic. If something is deemed better than “good,” it’s simply referred to as “plusgood.”

These images were conjured as a choice to celebrate the absurd of the present rather than brace for the dread of the future. I wanted to create a world of sunshine, somewhere in the realm of childhood ignorance. Simply put: to seek more goodness.

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