Tata Gorian

Tata Gorian is a photographer and visual artist based in St.Petersburg, Russia. She graduated from Wordshop Communication Academy at British Higher School of Art & Design in Moscow. Tata also studied Modern Photography at DocDocDoc School in St.Petersburg. In her projects she explores issues of violence, aggression and death. Tata has been published Fisheye Magazine, International PhotogrVphy Magazine, and F-Stop Magazine.


Copypaste is an observation of the ways in which the human living in a technocratic world continues recreating nature inside and outside the home. The imitation of the environment in artificial materials embodies the striving for immortality. Plastic flowers don’t fade; foam fruit will never rot. Natural subjects reduplicated in everyday objects transmit the human-constructed idea of natural “beauty.” In public spaces, photo images begin to interact with the living environment and bring about the sense of confusion caused by inability to understand what is real and what only imitates reality.

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