Jesse Taylor Koechling

Visual artist, Jesse Taylor Koechling was born in Wheaton, Illinois into a family of photographers and artists. Some of his earliest memories are of images magically forming under the red glow of his dad’s darkroom in Maine. He was raised on a small island there before returning to the suburbs of Chicago. Pulling inspiration from delicate wandering within the magic and gesture of nature, connection and solitude, memory and time; his work focuses on photography, darkroom processes, collage, and drawing. He graduated with a BFA from Pratt Institute and resides and works, slowly and deliberately, in Brooklyn, NY. His work has been exhibited nationally and internationally.


As I return to a mountaintop there’s an electric stillness about me and inside me. I traced the edge of a mountain path much like the torn edges of paper. The valley below records the thickness of the air and the moments of dimming light and expanding space. Distances of times past and the physical space ahead become relative. I pick up a larvae woven twig… I reach and grasp a distant mountain; I feel those past pilgrims who walked alongside me. The path of life draws me to a divine reflection upon such landscapes.

The works from noncorpa are moments woven through one another and filled with a spiritual glow. Currently composed of three verses, they are a disembodied wandering within a sea of connections. At first searching for origins, then journeying out into the landscape, and later a remapping that leads to a common story. The process of recording, printing, tearing, marking, and wearing-down is my walk into this unknown and the embrace of what is to be found there. These details instill a sense of the history in cherished objects and portray the delicate nature of creating a relic. A nothing sort of souvenir, but something that hopes to unite across disparate entities to tell us that we all breathe together as one.

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