Adam Hipps

Adam Hipps is a photographer and visual artist, originally from Asheville, NC. He is currently completing his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Photography at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) in Savannah, Georgia.

Meditative in quality, his work focuses on the shifting and ever-evolving landscape of the mind and the relationship it has with physical space. He is very interested in the ways that we interact with our immediate surroundings while in times of personal change. He sets out to achieve this through the use of traditional and modern photographic formats as well as various printing techniques.

Passing Through

We are often wanderers when we are young; I find myself continually wanting to flee, to explore something new to fulfill a longing in my restless soul. But when I try to leave, I always end up right where I started — stuck inside a cage of my mind’s making. Sometimes lingering for mere moments feels like an eternity passing by. I find deep connections to places I’ve just met, as if at home.

“Passing Through” is a meditation and exploration into the ever-changing landscape of the mind and personal physical space during times of transition.

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