Niamh Crowley

Niamh Crowley is a Fine Art Photographer from Ireland. She has an MFA Photography from Belfast School of Art. She creates work around the subject of mental illness and poor mental health. Her interests lie in ethical representation, in response to the historical photographic documentation of the mentally ill; as well as the use of various methodologies within the creation and the presentation of her work, such as repetition, dual-narratives, and non-linear narratives with the hope of drawing the viewer in, rousing curiosity and creating an engaged viewing experience.

Change of State

Using a domestic space as a landscape, Niamh Crowley examines the everyday experience of mental illness. She employs methodologies of fixation and repetition to create a disrupted narrative and build an atmosphere of interrupted thought, inability to retain focus, obsessive compulsive disorder and the overwhelming barrage of thoughts that come with episodes of mania.

To view more of Niamh Crowley’s work please visit her website.