Al J Thompson

Born on the island of Jamaica, Al J Thompson moved to an immigrant community in suburban New York in the year 1996. Decades later he noticed the dramatic changes to the place he once knew, projected by what he termed as “political figures coiled with greed.” As a devotee to the science of Psychology and Visual Arts, Thompson sets out to convey the nuances that he believes are circumstances of societal turmoil. His rhythmic approach to photography at times envelopes people, places, and things that often generate poetic dialogue with subtlety. His approach is one he feels is consistent to the impression that all things relate.

Thompson has been published in several magazines that include PDN, C-41, La Vie, Viewfind, and New Yorker, among others.

Remnants of an Exodus

Remnants of an Exodus tells the story of a once-thriving Caribbean immigrant community, though not without it’s lingering past, under the threat of gentrification in Spring Valley; a suburban town just 40 minutes outside of New York City.

Now controlled by Ultra-Orthodox and Hassidic developers, we observe a dramatic shift in both demographics and political landscapes. Given the continued overdevelopment of private and public land, tension has developed between members of the Jewish community and people of the African Diaspora.

Driven by metaphors, Remnants of an Exodus exhibits nuance – yet, indicates a sense of endurance within those negatively affected in the slow death of a community caused by isolationism and political expediency.

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