Tristan Martinez

Tristan is an interdisciplinary artist from Los Angeles, currently hanging his hat in Chicago, Illinois. He is working towards a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the School of The Art Institute of Chicago with an emphasis in Photography. His photographic practice addresses topics of displacement, isolation, and representation. Through his photographs, Tristan intends to heighten his viewer’s awareness of the visual thematics at hand. His photographs typically reside in the binding of handmade artist books.


Heads is a visual study of trivial interactions we encounter in our day to day life.  Associating fleeting moments with individuals in comparison to the mundanity of objects questions the importance of perception. This is a visual exploration of what is overlooked. Photographic techniques such as frontal framing, fragmentation as well as visual objectivity open up the conversation to the viewer allowing them to make meaning of the image, space, or interaction set before them. The faceless identity of the individual flashed from behind, juxtaposed with objects allows the viewer to create their own conversation around this body of work. The ephemerality of interaction and the awareness of surroundings are central within this conversation of daily life.
The conceptual interest and photographic language is inspired by the work of photographers such as Chris Maggio, John Edmonds, and Alec Soth. Stylistically referencing Hoods by John Edmonds puts the project within conversation to identity. While formally referencing the works of Alec Soth and Chris Maggio, Heads addresses the relationship of the meaning of an image in context to a whole body of work.


To view more of Tristan Martinez’s work please visit his website.