Scott Rossi

Scott Rossi (b.1991) was born and raised in Vancouver, B.C. He began taking photography seriously in 2016 after attending his first Magnum Workshop and has since adopted a classical documentary approach to his work. Rather than shooting the strange or surreal, Scott is drawn to scenes that evoke the familiar or even ordinary.

Scott sees photography as a means of understanding and healing. He is interested in subjects that can echo his own experiences in the world in order to draw from his own personal history. He hopes that his photography not only tell other’s stories as accurately as possible but to photograph his own story along the way.

Burned Out

Burned Out is an ongoing photo series that explores the world of competitive go-karting. Like the children I photograph today, I once shared the dream of becoming a professional race car driver. Since I was six years old, my weekends were spent practicing or competing at go-kart tracks in North America. After a ten-year absence and the realization that, despite the several hours practicing and the many trophies, I would not become a professional race car driver, I decided to return to the sport. But this time with my camera.

Retracing my childhood steps, I spent 2018 traveling to go-kart races throughout the USA. These images reflect what I saw as an adult – the seriousness of the sport, the pressure put on young drivers and the unshakeable hope that it will all pay off.

To view more of Scott Rossi’s work please visit his website.