Morganna Magee

Morganna Magee is an Australian photographer and educator based in Melbourne, Victoria. Her work is focused around long term projects in which the relationship between photographer and subject challenge the traditional notion of the impartial gaze of the photographer. To date her personal work has explored the issues and complexities around disability, grief and womanhood. Her work has been commissioned, published and exhibited both nationally and internationally. She is a founding member of Lumina collective.

All the things unsaid

This work explores a narrative of reconciliation with my family and reflections on childhood memories. It exists as an ongoing archive toward an understanding of my identity through photography and text. By photographing my family and my life the work serves to interrogate the practice of documentary photography and the reliability of narration.

This work came out of an ongoing period of deep depression. As the work has unfolded it became a direct window to my psyche; each image a frame into the sadness and inertia in my mind.

The portraits are of my estranged family. Using large-format to emphasize the significance of each interaction to evoke time, concentration and contemplation. The still lives and landscapes are seemingly inconsequential moments that are embedded within this personal narrative. They become visual metaphors for the emotional state of loneliness and searching.


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