Fabrizio Quagliuso


Fabrizio is an Italian photographer based in London (UK).
He was born in Naples (Italy) in 1970. After graduating from Engineering university, he moved to the UK where he currently lives.

Self-taught and greatly inspired by an uncle who was professional photographer, Fabrizio has always been passionate about visual arts and in the last ten years has completely devoted himself to photography. Fabrizio focuses his creative energy on a series of personal projects where he puts together various types of images – such as portraits and scenes with family, friends or chance encounters, pictures of indoor and outdoor spaces, candid and documentary photographs, fragments from dreams and from daily experiences – with the aim to create layered, deep and introspective stories.

Fabrizio has had his work exhibited in various solo and group exhibitions in the UK, Japan, and Italy, and his photographs and writings have been published on several printed and online magazines.


There is such a thing as an irregular rhythm syndrome, where the heartbeat is inconsistent; it races, slows down or flutters. There are times when the heart skips a beat, others when it frantically chases the following one to the point of breathlessness, swarming, oscillating. Somewhere between a hollowness and a fullness, the needle of our internal compass is marking out a route of truth and justice, away from the illusions of the ego and drawing us towards our instinctive selves, towards the human nature that dwells in the nature of this world and the world of nature that dwells within the human.

Mia makes this journey in reverse, from the outside moving inwards, in an ascending motion that brings the unconscious to the surface. With every step she takes, with every skipped or hastily recovered heartbeat, she seems to walk along footpaths inside a dream. And then, the mist dividing imagination and reality clears, becoming penetrable like butter meeting a blade, nullifying boundaries and distances, allowing the experience of the Whole and the One.

Mia. In Italian “mine”, belonging to me. Because when one belongs to her own, it is herself that she wants to return to.

Aritmia is a story about a dream and about a journey.

The story has a main character: Mia.

Floating in her dreams so as to overcome the boundaries of her mind, intimately entangled with nature, its heartbeat and the forces that shape and permeate life, Mia is an ethereal figure on a lone journey in search of her true and primordial self.

I believe that by letting go of our social ego and allowing Mia to hold our hands and bring us with her in this journey, each one of us could overcome the boundaries imposed by our minds, get closer to nature and rediscover our essence as human beings.

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