david avazzadeh

David Avazzadeh (1986) is a self-taught photographer based in Vienna. After graduating from the University of Vienna with a Bachelor of Arts he started to work as a freelance photographer. Besides several group exhibitions, his work has been featured in independent art publications. He is invested in the intersection between realism and fiction and the synthesis of both. Manipulating analog processes digitally, Avazzadeh invites the viewer to allow a shift in their perspective.

i (falsely) believe i have this thing figured out when i really haven’t

i (falsely) believe i have this thing figured out when i really haven’t is a conceptual series about depression & trauma.
it shows 10 images and 2 videos which are based on the instruction “slide to unlock” to get access to the iphone.
each instruction is a reference to the image itself – some references are easy to be seen, some are more hidden.
the title refers to the ambivalence of what one thinks/knows is right because one’s point of reference changes with the accumulation of experience.
the overlaying iphone interfaces also contain references that are sometimes ambiguous.
(i.e. 24th of october 07:10 is my birthday and time; battery, wifi & signal are very low. reach out could also mean grab the gun on the table and “help” yourself)
the instructions are altered accordingly to the measures i came up with to help myself deal with the ramifications of the disorders of depression & trauma.
at least for now.

To view more of David Avazzadeh’s work please visit his website.