Lewis Brillet

Lewis is a photographer currently based in Paris. Born in the UK, from a French family his interest in visual art steered him towards photography and video. His work often acts as a mirror to what’s going on in his mind. Finding links and connections between various themes and subjects, Lewis is always drawn back to the personal vivid complexities of everyday life, relationships, and the changing landscape.


Four years ago we lost my elder brother, Tuan, in a tragic accident. Not far from where he passed, we had recently begun work on our new family home. An optimistic long-term project we hoped would provide a base for family and friends in the future. The need to rebuild our lives both physically and mentally led each of us to deal with the influx of emotion differently, as we aimed to regain some stability and peace of mind. The feeling of guilt and absence continues to hang heavily against the backdrop of the endless construction.

– A recess in time where the past dominates the future, a reality inescapable through the changing of setting. We must reform a sense of structure from the fractured one we have endured here.

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