Tomasz Fall

After a university degree in study of religions and geography in Switzerland, Tomasz felt a certain frustration linked with the academic world and its limitations. Then he tried his hand at art. For almost ten years, he’s been trying to develop a consistent art practice. He mainly produces photographs, while he also uses drawing, video, performance and installations. He considers that photography is fictional while it presents itself as truthful. His images flow between total staging, spontaneous shots and archives of all kind. As such, they propose an heterogenous and ambiguous narration with the main purpose to question the western society, the art world and the interactions between the art media. They exist as either aesthetically independent photographs or in series. His work is feed as much on literature, philosophy, cinema, politics as on stories of everyday life. Tomasz has exhibited in Switzerland and abroad and received several awards for his work.

Le premier homme

Since the advent of modern rationalism in the 17th century and its widespread acceptance, all other forms of knowledge production have been denied, even fiercely fighted. The official knowledge that shapes our representation of the world undoubtedly derives from western scientific disciplines. What can’t be tested, also called “beliefs”, belongs necessarily to religion, spirituality or fantasy. However, some “secret” knowledge works without scientists being able to explain why. Indeed, some hospitals regularly use “fire talkers” to help burn victims. The same goes for some cases of uncontrollable haemorrhage. There is thereby a non rationalizable but efficient knowledge that deserves our attention.

This series is a research on esotericism and on our relationship to what is beyond understanding. Materials of different kinds create a symbolic project over a mysterious person, thus blurring its reading like an esoteric document would do to block access to the uninitiated.

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