Samuel Pasquier

Samuel Pasquier is a French Canadian photographer from Montreal, QC. His practice is currently leaning more and more on still life and documentary even though his original background was in commercial photography. Three time recipient of the American Photography Award, Pasquier’s visual signature revolves around clean and minimalistic compositions, often focusing on volume, shapes and textures. His work has been seen in publications such as Fubiz, The Globe and Mail, Fast Company, Hypebeast, Business of Fashion, Techcrunch and many more. He is currently splitting his time between Montreal and Brooklyn, NY.


This project is a visual conversation with designer and art director Olivier Charland about collective synchronicity in creative fields. Pasquier and Charland would share a large number of personal images and pair them based on composition, subject, colors or overall tone. None of the images presented were captured with a specific goal in mind but through the act of pairing form a combined narrative existing in the space between.

To view more of Samuel Pasquier’s work please visit his website.