Michael Weatherill & Matteo Dal Vera

Matteo Dal Vera (b. 1998) is a photographer based in Sydney, Australia.

Michael Weatherill (b. 1994) is a photographer currently based in Vancouver, Canada.

Matteo Dal Vera and Michael Weatherill’s collaborative practice explores a narrative that lies in a space between the documentary aesthetic and constructed conceptual imagery. Their latest project, The Bridge, compiles photographs made around a single body of water, which they returned to over the duration of a year.

The Bridge

Over a year, we returned to a single body of water, compiling a lyrical response to the ebb and flow of life that surrounds it. In the three volumes, multiple narratives are offered as open-ended observations on the people that come and go to the bridge, exploring recurring sentiments of retreat and detachment. The Bridge is ultimately a reflection on our presence as two men who return to the bridge and the distant harmonies and contradictions that can exist in one place.

To view more of Matteo Dal Vera’s work please visit his website.

To view more of Michael Weatherill’s work please visit his website.