What We’ve Found – Covid-19

Image by Jean Shon

Hello everyone! We hope that you’re all staying sane and well in these trying times. Across many parts of the world, humanity is being forced to reckon with the existential threat of disease in a capacity that the 21st century previously had yet to encounter. As we’ve quickly learned, it’s not so much covid-19 itself as it is the ramifications of it – the movement of governments, the media, the economy, the rich, and frightened masses of people – that pose the greater danger. I personally wouldn’t trust the world’s greatest predictor on what exactly happens after, but I’m sure that we’ll emerge at least a little bit changed. It’s more important than ever that we take care of our fellow man in this tumultuous period, and strive to remain compassionate.

My experience of covid-19, thus far, has been being placed on indefinite “leave” from my day jobs, staying in, online M.F.A., anxiety, and reading until my eyes hurt. For this month’s installment of What We’ve Found, Aint-Bad wants to know how you’ve experienced covid-19 through your photographs. How have things been for you inside? Loving it? Going insane? If you’ve been going outside – what’s it like out there? Apocalyptic? Or just the same old shit, but a little more empty? We encourage submissions to come at the repercussions of covid-19 from multiple angles. This is likely going to a big one – so be sure to tell your friends and spread the word!

Please follow our submission guidelines closely to be considered for entry. We’re setting a deadline of April 28th, but this could be extended depending on how the whole situation develops. We are looking for just one to three solid images from each artist so let us see your best work! Be sure to dig through your archives and your hard drives, but ideally we are looking for recent work made during covid-19’s emergence to the present. Thanks again, and stay safe out there.

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