Leandro Colantoni

Leandro Colantoni was born in Agrigento (Sicily) in 1991, where he currently lives.

He started shooting actively in 2015, after discovering Luigi Ghirri’s Kodachrome. He immediately gave up the idea of enrolling in an academy, but decided to deepen the discipline of self-taught photography by consulting essays and photographic books by various authors. In its first phase it was influenced by the movement of the Italian landscape school and the American New Topographics, using photography as a means of investigating the Sicilian environment, inspired mainly by the following authors: Luigi Ghirri, Guido Guidi, Giovanni Chiaramonte, Stephen Shore, William Eggleston and others. Today his work is mainly focused on cultural documentation and on everyday life, mainly using an iPhone as a photographic medium.

The days of isolation

Born spontaneously on isolation days during the COVID-19 pandemic, this series is a visual diary of my quarantine: I show simple things, the food I eat, what I do during my days at home. It is a response to the need to tell my daily life, it is my point of view on the difficult period that we are all going through. Forced isolation leads us to reconsider everything, what once seemed banal to us now is no longer, everything now has a different meaning. I want these photos one day to become my memory of how I lived this period.

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