Patricia Voulgaris

Patricia Voulgaris is an artist and educator from New York. She graduated from the School of Visual Arts with a BFA in photography. Her work has been exhibited in numerous exhibitions including Aperture Foundation, Rubber Factory, Red Hook Labs and Baxter Street at CCNY. Her photographs have been featured in publications such as Der Greif, Vice Magazine, Dear Dave Magazine, Photography Is Art and The British Journal of Photography. She is the grant recipient of the Lucie Foundation, Aaron Siskind and SVA Faculty Award.

Mere Exposure

Throughout my work, I focus on how memories become abstracted and distorted over time. When one considers the past, our memories of a certain person or place are often fragmented. Photographs provide us with the ability to capture a particular moment in time. Time passes, recollections fade and are broken down into simple forms, shapes, and patterns. These forms are what hold memories together. Through this continual process, I first construct and then deconstruct personal memories. Each image is fragmented, similar to the nature of an old memory.

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