What We’ve Found: Covid-19

Hi everyone! We hope that you and loved ones are continuing to stay safe and healthy. It’s been a month since I posted the initial covid-19 call for entry, and you guys didn’t disappoint. It was difficult to narrow it down to a final selection – so much good work to look through! We had a nearly unprecedented amount of submissions for this month’s theme, and I would like to extend a sincere thank-you on behalf of everyone at Aint-Bad.

These submissions help to visualize the intersectionality and multiple facets of a global pandemic. Viruses can’t be viewed by conventional photographic means, so we can shoot their ramifications. However, consequences are varied across the board, so it’s essentially necessary to have a variety of technique, subject, and photographers to paint an even somewhat accurate picture. It’s a somber topic to make work about, but it also has the capacity to be illuminating. With photography, we can bring light to aspects of covid-19 that might’ve otherwise stayed dormant. This month, we felt that your submissions were especially eye-opening, bringing an array of experience into focus.

Curated and written by Aidan Bliss for Aint-Bad.

Keep an eye out for next month’s What We’ve Found call for entry!