Meet our Editor: Barry Daly

Hi, my name is Barry. I am the oldest of six, born and raised in Orlando, Fl. I’ve lived in six states, I moved to southern California at the age of 21. I was 20 when I realized just how much I loved giving people a reason to smile. Photography gave me that opportunity. Over the last 8 years, I have shot over 600k photos, 18 weddings, and been a part of countless memories.

I specialize in capturing the soul or personality of an individual and showing them their true beauty. My hope to see that each black girl and boy can see someone that resembles them in the media and can realize how valuable, special, and that they are loved.

What are your goals for the future of photography?

My goals with photography center around first being able to remind people of their beautiful quality, while giving them the chance to learn to love themselves. Ultimately my hope to present works that give people the chance to feel represented, valued, loved. At the same time, I hope that my work will remind others that black women, men, and people of color deserve their respect. Representation is paramount, with that in mind I love all people, but I know that as black people we have spent so much time defending ourselves and not enough time loving ourselves, that is what I want my work to be. I genuinely want to be a seed for change.

Who are your favorite photographers and why?

Gordon Parks, because he presents black life, culture, skin, and our stories in ways that remind me that we are art. Jade Lily (@shootmejade) I love that unashamedly in love with color, framing, and her consistent showcasing of her love for life and others. She sees black women like the queens they are and her work Is a constant inspiration. Annie Leibovitz, her ability to tell a story in a frame, but for me, it is her use of practical effects that draws me to her work consistently.

“We as black people are valuable, we are needed, we are more than what they see in us, we are world changers. I want to promote what true black love looks like.”

To view more of Barry Daly’s work please visit his website.