Meet our Editor: Elliot Linden

Elliot Linden (b.1997) was raised in Glasgow, Scotland. He began with a passion for Acting which he would later go on to study and would, just last year, graduate from Edinburgh Napier University with an Honours Degree in Acting. But despite this, Elliot’s heart was always with photography after his father signed him up for an amateur photography class at an early age. Ever since then Elliot has been keen to develop his skills as a photographer and now with his mind and heart set on this art for the time being he intends to immerse himself in the photography world. Elliot hopes, that by working for Aint-Bad, he can help promote undiscovered and emerging artists as well as those who are already established whilst also learning from the greats of the past and present.

What are your goals within Aint-Bad?

I hope that by working for Aint-Bad I can help promote artists whose work is interesting and captures people’s attention rather than artists whose popularity online tends to outweigh the quality of their work. I’m always looking to showcase artists who people have yet to discover, and I believe Aint-Bad embodies that very statement, as well as showcasing those well-known artists whose work continues to evolve. Through working with Aint-Bad I also want to develop my own photography skills as well as getting to know people from all over the photographic community and connecting with them too.

What is the best way to describe your personal work?

I especially appreciate capturing those candid moments that occur when the flash hits the subject at the right moment or when I catch someone off-guard, I thrive on those moments in my work. It’s my belief that those unplanned instances are the most special as they capture the persons’ thoughts and feelings without them posing to please the camera in front of them, it’s peeling back the layer of what they want the world to see and reveals them as their raw selves.

These photos were taken through my time at college studying acting and the people I met whilst working with a friends band and then rounding off with where I am now in 2020. A highlight reel lasting almost 5 years! I love these images because they capture the crazy world and yet the lonely world that acting and performing live can be but they also capture some people who I am inspired by and who I think are really wonderful folks. I hope you enjoy!

To view more of Elliot Linden’s work please visit their website.