Arnaud Freitas

I’m from Paris. I practice photography during my travels, to document them.

Currently Associate Creative Director of M&C Saatchi Little Stories, I am also a curator of the Diversions photo gallery.

In my photographic approach, I like to explore a world where travel allows me to document an intimate, fictional, and poetic narrative. A world where all the images once echoed, proposes a free and mysterious reading of my wanderings, the assembly of which makes emerge a story other than that lived.

Israel: A Photographic Narrative Of Suspended Time

Through this photographic narrative, I truly wanted to depict the landscape’s thickness, the inherent contradictions of this country, its incoherences, the feelings’ ambivalence but also some very basic things that all theses lives have in common, both the expected and the unexpected. As I’ve conceived these images, my work gradually turned into a more plastic approach, with the notion of suspended time and confined space in the frame.

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