River Claure

River Claure (Bolivia, 1997)
Freelance photographer, designer and visual artist. Graduated in Performing Arts and Graphic Design and Visual Communication; Studied Contemporary Photography at the International Centre of Photography y Cinematography EFTI (ESP). Winner of the Eduardo Abaroa Nacional Award (BO); International Photography Scholarship “XVIII Roberto Villagraz” (ESP). Selected for New York Times 2020 portfolio review (USA); the Creation Laboratory “20 Fotografos” (BO); Valparaiso International Photography Festival FIFV (CL). He was nominated for the World Press Photo 2020 Joop Swart Master Class, and was recently selected as one of this year British Journal Photography “Ones to Watch” photographers. Is part of the Photographers team at Every Day Bolivia. His work has been exhibited in Colombia, Chile, Spain and Bolivia. Currently, he is in the process of publishing his first photobook,“Warawar Wawa.”

Warawar Wawa (Son of the Stars)

“Warawar Wawa” in Aymara language (Son of the Stars) is a recontextualization of Antoine Saint Exupery’s book “Le Petit Prince” to the new contemporary Andean culture.
The term “Chi’xi” (the gray color) is an essential part of the project because it is considered the starting point of it. This term, extracted from the Aymara language, alludes to an indetermined color, resulted form two juxtaposed tissues. Contrary to homogeneous ideas regarding collective identities, Wawa invites you to look at the heterogeneous through the fantastic universe.

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